Distrokid gets better and better

At Apps for Artists we love Distrokid, the platform that makes it easy to distribute your music to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. But they do so much more than that to make life better for artists.

For example, recently they added recoupments to their option to automated royalty splits. 

The idea of automated royalty splits was already cool, you could tell Distrokid to give 50% of your income via Distrokid to one member and 25% to each of the other members. No need to sort things out at the end of the year, just divide the money when it comes in.

Recouments make that even better. What is that? Say you payed 2.000 euro for the recording studio. Now you can tell Distrokid that first all the money should go to you and only after recouping the 2.000 euro the split between all members should take place. Nice.

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