This is Apps for Artists!

Apps for Artists is a set of tools that helps artists get organized, save time, grow their fanbase, and increase revenue. This growing collection of apps makes stuff like marketing, community building, and sales easier. And because the tools are adjustable and flexible thanks to the use of the Glide platform, artists can model them to their own specific needs and style.

We are called Apps for Artists, but of course, our tools are valuable for management companies, promotors, labels and others too!

Apps for Artists is a collaboration between media specialists Fast Moving Targets and indie band Pip Blom. These apps solve real-life problems. They are based on ideas and needs of the Dutch band. When Pip, Tender, Darek and Gini are happy using them (validation!) or see opportunities for others, Apps For Artists makes them available to the rest of the world. Buy the apps and you help the band make money along the way! We split the profit.

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  • To try or buy have a look at our app
  • Looking for support, there's a site for that